Types of Filters Used In Purifiers

A pre-filter is one of the first filters to clean the air. A pre-filter removes the larger pollutants like dust, mites, dander.

Next a carbon filled filter removes smaller contaminants. Contaminants like food odors,grease,smoke and exhaust fumes that seep in from outside.

Finally one of the last filters is a Hepa filter. The Hepa filter is a thick porous filter. The Hepa filter catches microscopic particles in the air. Some examples of the particles are mold, bacteria and viral particles in the air.
Some purifiers use extra filters sometimes as many as five different filters. The more filters the cleaner the air.

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Important Special features of Modern Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are not just an ugly box that is loud when running. Nowadays Air purifiers are stylish, modern and quiet. New and greatly improved air filters are quiet when running as the suction fans are whisper quiet. The purifiers themselves are now made of different kinds of materials like hard plastics or sturdy wooden cabinets.

The old purifiers had on and off settings. The new stylish air purifiers have up to five different setting. One setting just circulates the air, while other settings totally clean and filter the air in a room or home.

How Air Purifiers Work

Replaceable Filters Versus Service calls

Depending on the size, type and the use of the air purifier can determine whether or not you need to call the company. If you need to call the company you bought the air purifier from. They can charge to come out and replace the filters inside the purifier. Letting the company service the machine is a good ideal especially if it is a larger type machine. If one does not want to change the filters; or is not familiar with changing the filters. Then service call is necessary.